Provide POS To Your Customers and Grow Your Business

By becoming a SimPOS reseller, your can help both your customers and your business



Becoming a SimPOS Reseller

Comtech is actively growing it’s reseller program and is in search of companies that support the restaurant and retail industries.   We can help you grow your business by adding Comtech’s point-of-sales and security surveillance solutions to your company’s product and service offering.

With installations across Canada and the USA, Comtech has a history of success that can assist you with growing your business. 

Advantages of becoming a Comtech Partner Reseller:

Simple to Install, Implement, and Maintain – Comtech’s software has been designed to be reliable, easy-to-use, and intuitive for installation, use, and maintenance.

Customizable Solutions – We can customize the system to meet the specific needs of your customer including custom restaurant floor plans, menus, and reporting.

Unlock New Sales Opportunities – By offering your customers with Comtech’s POS and security surveillance products, you will be adding new revenue streams to your business and also access new customers. 

Create a Competitive Advantage – With Comtech’s experience and support, your organization will quickly gain knowledge of the technology, industry, sales process, and products. 

Excellent Profit and Margin Opportunities – Because we are the developers of the software, your company will access direct pricing which helps with your profit margins.

Support & Training – Comtech will work with your staff to learn how to sell and implement the systems.

Our Reseller Partner Program is perfect for:

  • Point-of-sale dealers
  • IT consulting firms
  • Computer service shops
  • Restaurant and Retail consulting firms


Contact Us Regarding Reseller Opportunities

Exciting new opportunities are available across Canada and the USA.  Contact Comtech at or call us at (647) 298-9819.