Monitor and Protect Your Business From Anywhere

Comtech's Security System Services can install a monitoring system so that you can keep an eye on what is happening in your business.




Real Time Viewing

  • Built on pure digital architecture, provides full-motion, real-time, quality images.


Multiple Display Mode

  • Up to 16 cameras can simultaneously be viewed on a single monitor, or sequentially displayed with pre-determined timing intervals that you define.



  • Monitor, record, detect, playback and print continuously, independently.
  • Searches can be performed by date, time or camera.


Real Time Viewing

  • Via internet, you can monitor from anywhere at anytime


Motion Detection & Sensors

  • Our system can minimize the amount of stored video images by recording only when motion is detected or triggering of a sensor.



Multiple levels of password protection and biometric access control are available, preventing unauthorized use or tampering with the system.


Multi-User Viewing

Multiple users can simultaneously view the same or different locations. Users just need to type in the website address and password.


Expandable & Upgradeable

User is allow to upgrade or expanding system if desired.


Image Printing

Print images by simply selecting the desired image and print.


Alarm Notification

The even of an Alarm, you may be notified of a potential problem video email or phone .


Auto Overwrite

The system will automatically overwrite the oldest images when the hard drive reaches capacity.


Data Storage

Our system accommodates up to 800 GB of space on a standard 4U rack-mounted chassis, and terabit storage solutions on optional 9U rack-mount cabinets. Data can be stored on multiple internal and external formats.


Pan. Tilt. Zoom

Pan, tilt, zoom camera controls require no additional hardware.You can the camera '"on- screen" instead of using the antiquated joysticks, controllers and switchers.


Simultaneous Multi Location Viewing

View cameras from different locations in other buildings, cities, or even countries all on a single screen.